Meet Garry (The Gator)

Nickname: The Gator or Gazza

Team Position: Team transporter

Strengths: Good looks, Handling, Noise, Sunroof and epic speaker system

Weaknesses: Can't fault him

Special talent: 0-60 in... oh wait he doesn't...

Hobbies: Driving to Mongolia

Favourite snack: Petrol but is subject the the odd Jagarbomb

Favourite Film: Kung Fu Panda

Idols: Aston Martin DB5 

Garry (The Gator) is a Citroën Saxo SX 2000. As the same age as us, Garry has a lot to show for himself, he’s racked up an impressive 65,000 Miles with 3 previous owners and he’s definitely in need of a bit of TLC to ensure he makes it to Mongolia in one piece.

Garry was left to rust in Cheltenham before we found him. As soon as we first saw him we instantly knew he was the noble stead to carry the three of us to Mongolia! 


Meet Jamie


Nickname: Jamo or Moir

Team position: DJ, Dad and team kit designer

Strengths: OCD, Music (at times...), Pulling (a pint)

Weaknesses: OCD, Hairline

Special talent: WNE

Favourite snack: You ;)

Favourite Film: Love Actually

Best quote: 'Sir I'm absolutely fine'


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Meet Lochie

Nickname: Shillers or Lochness

Team position: Chief mechanic and Head of Visa's

Strengths: Physics, Guinness, Common sense, Golf

Weaknesses: Falling in love

Special talent: Portable bottle opener

Favourite snack: Sea salt and cider vinegar crisp

Favourite film: Surfs up

Best quote: 'Guinness is good for me'

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Meet Freddie

Nickname: Stonage

Team position: Map reader and Chief fundraiser

Strengths: Maps, Sitting in the back, Thoroughbreds 

Weaknesses: Women, Driving, Skiing

Special talent: Starting a car in 5th gear

Favourite snack: Caviar

Favourite film: Chalet girl

Best quote: 'Mate can't we just get our joint account with Hoares?'

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